Community Fridges: Tackling food waste

This is the second 2017 Eye Opening Film - from Hubbub, who we funded through a social investment and grant to support them in delivering innovative solutions to every day environmental issues. The film was made by Day For Night Films.

A community fridge is a fridge that sits within the heart of a community and is stocked with surplus food from local businesses and households and is open to everyone in the local area to access. 

Despite increasing awareness of the issue of food waste there have been limited options for households and food businesses to get surplus perishable food to those who need it safely and within the 'use-by' date. This film highlights how a community fridge works as an innovative approach to this problem. 

What action can you take?

More information on The Community Fridge Network, including a map of locations and advice for those interested in setting up a community fridge can be found here.