Church Action on Poverty

Amount Given:

£199,264 over three years (made in 2014)


Injustice - systemic change around injustice and inequality


Pantry number 5

Laura Bowman,

Grants Manager, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation


We supported Church Action on Poverty for a number of reasons: It has a strong track record for achieving positive social change and the issue being addressed forms a close fit with our interest in social injustice. The work presented a practical approach to a major problem, the 'poverty premium', by identifying approaches that work for those from low socio-economic backgrounds.  Our funding allowed CAP to research, develop and test affordable and appropriate models that could be replicated widely.

Stockport Homes,

For Stockport Homes, working with Church Action on Poverty (CAP) has meant we can now roll out our successful ‘Your Local Pantry’ model to other low-income communities across Greater Manchester and nationally through the Pantry Social Franchise that CAP have developed with us.

CAP are providing us, and suppliers of fair credit for ‘Everyday Essentials’ (such as Fair for You) with an effective and targeted marketing strategy which gets our offer straight to the people who need and appreciate it most, and have opened up the opportunity of putting the two initiatives together to offer a joined-up community-led solution to the poverty premium in food, furniture, white goods and other everyday essentials.



Member of Brinnington Local Pantry, Stockport.


The pantry is a lifeline for me; I don't have much money. If I didn't have this I would not have food on some days, there's many a time I would have gone without.