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Q: What information will you need at second stage?

This will depend on what you are applying for. We aim to be proportionate and not put anyone to wasted effort. Generally the larger the amount you request, the more information we will need. For some small grants we may want very little extra information. We will always ask for:

  • Financial information for the last two years along with anticipated income and expenditure levels for the current year.​
  • A copy of your latest approved annual report and accounts.
  • A set of management accounts covering the last financial year, if you do not yet have an audited version.
  • A copy of your Constitution, Memorandum and Articles of Association or other rules (only if you are not a registered charity).
  • A job description and person specification for any post/s that you want us to fund.
  • A current business plan, if you have one. 

We will usually also ask fo​r:

  • A summary of your organisation, its work and impact to date
  • Demonstration of the need for your work
  • An explanation of what you want to achieve with our funding, including:
    • up to three key outcomes you aim to bring about by the end of the grant.  
    • details of how you will​ monitor your progress towards these outcomes
    • any risks that might prevent you from being successful
  • A clear plan of the activities you will carry out or approach your work will use
  • Details of relevant staff, trustees or volunteers who will manage the work
  • Your plans to make the work last beyond the lifespan of the grant