Social Change

A just and inclusive society benefits us all. We fund ambitious and challenging work that puts those who have been marginalised at the heart of creating change. We aim to give people the power to develop their own voices, shine new light on areas of need and challenge the cultures, systems and behaviours that stand in the way of change. 



Funding priorities:

  • Participation – marginalised and excluded individuals and groups

We support work that: Enables people who are excluded - through prejudice, discrimination or isolation - to live more fulfilling lives, or takes a new approach to tackling persistent causes of exclusion which is able to generate insights for the sector.

Applicants must: Show how change for people and the organisations that work with them will continue beyond the period of our grant, and have a clear plan to make an impact beyond their immediate beneficiaries, with a realistic chance of influencing future practice.

We want our funding to: Support the sector to learn from organisations that work in an inclusive way, especially those which are beneficiary-led.

  • Place – revitalising community life

We support: ‘Anchor’ organisations which are a focal point for community-led action, or work which helps people come together in economically disadvantaged or isolated areas to make real the aspirations they have for the place they live, or work that motivates and enables communities to use their collective ideas, skills and assets to bring about change.

Applicants must: Have a track record of working inclusively in their community, and of developing partnerships with others, and create strong networks that continue to benefit communities beyond the lifetime of our funding.

We want our funding to: Help build on or catalyse a wider movement for change within a community, and ensure local policy across the UK is shaped by learning from community-led initiatives.

  • Injustice – systemic change around injustice and inequality

We support work that: Protects the rights of people who experience prejudice, or who are ignored or mistreated by public authorities, or brings to light and challenges the reasons behind discrimination and stigma, or engages decision makers to alter practice or policy, or creates a shift in institutional culture, public attitudes or behaviour.

Applicants must: Have practical plans to achieve and sustain change over the long term, and show that work will be delivered by people and organisations with genuine insights into the issues being addressed.

We want our funding to: Build momentum for change on difficult or hidden issues.

What we don't fund:

  • Commonly delivered work such as:
    • Courses and activities to increase self confidence
    • General information and advice work
    • ESOL support
    • Employability skills training
    • Services that are provided in similar ways in many locations such as refuges, hostels, night shelters and standard services for homeless people, sports associations, playgroups, play schemes, out of school clubs, supplementary schools, playgroups, youth clubs and general capacity building/ professional development
  • Mainstream or core activities of local organisations which are part of a wider network of others doing similar work (e.g. YMCA, MIND groups, Age UK), even if they are constituted as separate organisations
  • Healthcare which has a clinical basis or related work such as medical research, complementary medicine, hospices, counselling and therapy, arts therapy, education about and treatment for drug and alcohol misuse