Food Strand

The Foundation has a long standing interest in food and in its impact on people, communities and the wider environment. 

Our Food Strand supports work that demonstrates the important role food plays in wellbeing and that connects people to the food that they eat.  As part of this primary aim the Strand seeks to bring about more sustainable food production and consumption policies and practices. 

Since its inception in 2008 the Food Stand has awarded £7.1 milliion of grants, of which £2.2 was given in 2013. 

The Strand is open to both large-scale strategic interventions and innovative local work.

We will support work that:

• delivers high quality, innovative local food projects, particularly those that can become financially sustainable and are replicable.

• establishes closer links between NGOs, community groups, producers, retailers and industry in order to create more coherent food sector.

• improves people’s understanding of the place that food plays in our lives and shows the role that access to good quality food can have on wellbeing.

• leads to the prioritisation of sustainable food production and consumption in local and national policy, practice and decision-making.

• increases demand for better quality food from sustainable sources, for example, through changes to public procurement.

Applications may respond to more than one of the above.

We will prioritise applications that have the following:

• Clear and practical delivery plans

• Methods for measuring impact 

• The capacity to make a lasting impact on policy or practice

• the credibility and commitment to make alliances with other food related organisations

We particularly welcome projects that also demonstrate innovation.

Guide to applying