Rethinking Crime and Punishment

Rethinking Crime and Punishment was a seven-year, £3.5 million initiative of Esmée Fairbairn Foundation which launched in 2001. 

It aimed to raise the level of public debate about the use of prison and alternative forms of punishment in the UK.  The key findings and recommendations emerging from RCP are set out in The Report, and are summarised in the Executive Summary.  The second phase of the programme (2005 - 2008) supported practical projects to increase public and judicial engagement with community-based sentences and to promote understanding and confidence in the use of community sentences as an alternative to prison.


The manifesto makes proposals about how the Government's allocation of £2.3 billion earmarked for building 'Titan prisons' might be spent on alternatives to prison, based on the lessons of the Rethinking Crime & Punishment programme.


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