CDI Apps For Good

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Topic Areas
Curriculum Development | Raising Academic Attainment | Social Change | Social Mobility | Children | Children And Young People
Amount Awarded
Year Awarded
UK Wide
Length of Award
36 months
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Technology is advancing rapidly and traditional ICT teaching methods are fast becoming out of date with teachers being challenged to keep up with the technology. This can result in poor-quality teaching and de-motivated students. Apps for Good uses technology to change the way ICT is taught.

Partnering with primary and secondary schools across the UK, Apps for Good trains educators to deliver its product development course to their students who learn how to create mobile, social and web applications that address real-life social issues they care about. Examples include: an award winning app Stop & Search, helping teens understand their rights when stopped by police; I’m OK, an app supporting young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people; Cattle Management, which helps farmers to track and manage information about their cattle; and Transit, an English to Bengali translation app to improve teacher-parent communications.

Apps for Good enables students to develop relevant digital, enterprise and entrepreneurial skills for the modern world. It shifts schools from traditional teacher-led classroom delivery with an emphasis on instruction and examinations to mainstreaming co-design and collaboration between teachers, pupils and industry professionals through project-based learning. Our funding will support core costs while the organisation expands its reach and develops more robust evaluation processes.

This grant fits our children and young people priorities under Addressing root causes of low educational attainment and challenging behaviour, and our aims as work which can really unlock and enable potential.