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‘Counting What Matters’ The Report of the Industry Food Waste Audit Proposal

25 July 2013
  • Social Change
  • Food

Industry Food Waste Audit Proposal sets out to measure perceived opportunities and barriers to the introduction of an industry-wide Mandatory Food Waste Audit (MFWA). A MFWA has been proposed by This is Rubbish, following informal policy debates with industry and policy stakeholders, as a potential policy strategy to address the huge food waste problem we face.

The last ten years have seen a growing awareness of the vast amounts of food wasted, globally and in the UK, and the associated social and environmental impacts of this waste. It’s estimated that globally we waste between 30–50% of food (Foresight, 2011a) and it seems clear that we must take drastic action on food waste if we are to tackle the associated problems of climate change, water, land and fossil fuel use, hunger, and food price shocks.

Food waste is not an isolated problem, but symptomatic of a food system under strain. Significant structural change is needed in order to tackle the causes of food waste. The key question that needs to be considered is where this change will stem from.