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A Chance to Change

30 October 2012
  • Children
  • Mental Health
  • Social Change
  • Fostering Communities

This report by the Centre for Mental Health, and funded by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, concludes that parenting interventions can dramatically improve children's futures but that they must be made widely available, delivered well and targeted at the children who need them most.

One child in 20 has a severe behavioural problem while another 15% have a moderate behavioural problem. Behavioural problems have a devastating impact on a child's future, greatly increasing the risk of suicide, poor health, unemployment and crime.

A Chance to Change, which is the most comprehensive review of the implementation of parenting programmes to date, calls for government to spearhead a national campaign to raise public and professional awareness of childhood conduct problems and do more to support well-implemented and evidence-based early interventions. It finds that the majority of parents whose children have behavioural problems ask for help, usually from GPs or teachers, but few receive the support that can make a difference. In many areas the number of evidence-based programmes is not sufficient to meet need.