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Our latest grants to the Arts - March 2015

13 March 2015

We are delighted to announce our latest grants to organisations working in the arts sector. Grant offers are all subject to terms and conditions, and further information on them will shortly be available in our searchable database.

a space arts £118,900
AESOP Arts and Society Ltd £42,000
Artangel Trust £110,000
Artworks Creative Communities £30,000
Barbican Theatre Plymouth £30,000
Calderdale Industrial Museum Association  £30,000
Carousel Project £90,000
Clean Break Theatre Company £150,000
Dance City £145,000
English National Ballet  £120,000
Gloucestershire Dance £40,000
Ice and Fire Theatre Company £120,000
Leisure In The Community £250,000
Lung Ha's Theatre Company £30,000
Migration Museum Project £135,000
Mikron Theatre Company  £75,000
Sadler's Wells Trust Ltd £180,000
SAVE Britain's Heritage £80,133
Somerset Art Works £15,000
Spitalfields Music £100,000
The Bulldog Trust Ltd £60,000
The Dukes £143,000
The Edinburgh Mela Limited £30,000
The Foundling Museum £150,000
Valleys Kids £90,000