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Esmée launches merger fund

28 May 2012

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation has launched a fund to support organisations in the early stages of thinking about a merger. The fund aims to help organisations and their potential merger partner(s) to think through the decision to merge, rather than to cover the costs of any subsequent merger.  We anticipate making around 10-15 grants from the £100,000 fund. 

Applications will be assessed according to three main criteria. Will the potential merger:

  • be likely to improve policy and practice more widely or lead to wider benefits for the local, regional or national sector;
  • have an impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of merged services, whether that be in increased numbers of beneficiaries, improved methodologies, expanded networks, longer term sustainability or increased quality; and
  • have an impact on the wider sector beyond the immediate interests of the two (or more) organisations.

For further information about the Merger Fund.