Reporting on your grant

We ask all grant-holders to report on the progress of their grants, so that we can both monitor how work is going practically and financially, and to identify useful lessons that will help improve our grant-making. We want to celebrate grant-holders’ achievements, learn why things don’t go to plan, and pass on good practice to others.

It is particularly important to keep your Grant Manager up-to-date with any significant changes to the grant in order that they can discuss and agree to your future plans, as a result of any changes you may have made. 

How openly grant-holders report to us is an important factor when it comes to determining future applications.

If your grant was awarded after January 2013

From January 2013 we asked all applicants to identify up to three key outcomes they aimed to bring about, or make progress towards, by the end of our grant. These outcomes should form the basis of all your reports to us.

Your Grants Manager will inform you which reporting approach applies to your grant and will confirm any additional information that may be required in the grant offer letter.

If your grant was made before January 2013

Grants made before January 2013 should continue to report using our old guidelines and template. Details can be found here, along with workplans which you might find helpful.