Grants Plus

“Grants Plus” is all the additional support we provide for those we fund through both grants and social investments, in addition to money. We provide:

Free support

  • Use of our central London meeting rooms
  • Connections to other organisations we fund or other funders where appropriate
  • Signposting to some of the free resources and support available to organisations in our sectors

218 organisations we fund used our King's Cross meeting rooms in 2015, with over 4,500 attendees.

Skills support

  • Training, networking, or learning events to which we invite groups of those we fund, eg communications, social investment, cost & pricing, evaluation and learning.

In 2015 we held five media training workshops, and two sessions run by grantee Full Fact on how to tell your organisation's story with data. 

Communications and advocacy support

  • Strategy and planning, public affairs, digital, media training, messaging, brand development, advocacy and campaigns 
  • Supporting grantees to create short films about their work

We want to ensure grantees are able to communicate effectively for maximum impact in their work. With the support of DHA Communications, we hope to achieve this through our Grants Plus funding. If you have:

  • identified that your organisation requires communication support,
  • a strong understanding of what your communications needs and issues are, and
  • a clear idea of the tangible outcomes of this support,

please get in touch with DHA Communications either by email or on 0151 709 0505 to discuss this work further.

Strategic support

  • Tailored expert advice, support or training to give the extra help to an organisation at a difficult or opportune moment
  • Key issues we know organisations need help with are: evaluation, business planning and financial management
  • We have a few suppliers we have worked with before, but also fund organisations directly to work with consultants they know and trust

In 2015 we funded consultancy support for 44 organisations, at an average cost of £4,200 each, and we are looking to increase our support in 2016.

We have a limited budget for Grants Plus and consider requests for support on a case by case basis. If you are currently funded by Esmée, and there is some consultancy or training you cannot afford yourself which could enable the work we have funded to have a greater impact, please get in touch with your Grants Manager to find out whether it's something we might support through Grants Plus.